The traditional craft village

The Craft village.

During normal daytime hours the centre would have a raised platform in the cafeteria with access for wheel chairs, This will be the viewing platform for the traditional but also high tech woodsman's workshop where you will be able to see and interact with craftsmen at work via an intercom system. 
You will be able to ask them anything you like.

99% of all the wood used in the craftsman's workshop will be recycled wood 
usually saved from the landfill or incinerator. 

All of the wood waste will be turned into brickettes for fires and bar-b-ques

Special demonstration days for all types of art and crafts.

The craft shop

As you walk into the craft shop you will see displays crated by the local crafts people themselves so they can sell there items in the best light.

We could hire out the agreed space and lighting for the client and let them design and build there selling space to show their arts or crafts in it's best light.

An online catalogue, to advertise the crafts currently in the shop as well.

 External workshops for hire would be available adjoined to the shop that could be rented at a very minimal rate to help local new craftsmen and artists establish themselves.

Benefits of the craft village

There is strong evidence that learning through craft is popular and 
motivates people of all abilities.

The centre would be providing a central hub for artisans to meet and exchange ideas and knowledge. 

Craft teaches unique kinds of knowledge and thinking skills and 
develops better hand eye coordination and parts of the brain other subject 
elements don’t.
Schools and local clubs will be invited to participate in craft education workshops.