The social and environmental benefits

The social impact on what I am planning to do is to 

1 - Save the health authority money by helping people with stress related difficulties.
My services would help them relax in a comfortable ambient environment with the option to use the services of the  Vibro Sensory Stimulation Massage room. 
This in turn will hopefully reduce the amount of visits to the Doctors surgery through stress related problems, in turn reducing the medications prescribed to relax people.

If people are not on stress relieving medications it helps them in being more alert and able to drive safely and operate machinery, this could in turn save life's.

2 - Offer people with disabilities and special needs an alternative centre to go to for their sensory stimulation therapy. 
Putting there needs first we will be able to customise the therapy to there requirements saving them from having to travel long distances to visit the only centres that specialises in there type of therapy, reducing the carbon footprint of many vehicles.

There are so many people with all different types of difficulties we will be able to help, from mild depression to all forms of mental illnesses through to autism and dementia sufferers. We will be having staff on duty to look after the patients while there guardians just go for a walk or relax and wind down in the ambient cafeteria.

3 - Giving local crafts people the chance to start there own sales businesses by giving them sales platforms for there creations, thus helping them off the benefit systems and into full time work. 

Small starter workshops at affordable rates for starter businesses to go straight into a craft village atmosphere were the customers will go to them for business saving them money on expensive selling rates online. 
Again taking people off the dole cues.

Interactive and educational workshops for people who want or need to change careers, giving them an insight into the crafts industry and educating them about the history and traditions of our creative world. again with a view to helping people off of benefits. 

We will be contacting local schools and offering opportunities for learning with them too.
Our aim in the future is to help people into full time work doing something they love and would consider a joy to have a career based on there own talents.

4 - Employing people from the local areas to the centre reducing unemployment in turn helping people leave the bread line. The aim is to have a happy and relaxed working environment where all the employees will be trained in all the aspects of the business making them flexible and giving them a number of responsibilities and keep them interested and not feeling stuck in one duty.

5 - The aim is to be as self sufficient as possible with off grid power supplies, natural waste management and a full recycling program. our goal is to have as close to zero ecological impact on the area as we possibly can.

6 - Using the supply and repair services of local companies to keep the centre running and kept clean through local cleaning companies too.
Thier may need to use local employment agencies from time to time as part of the function venue staff, depending on the availability of our permanent staff. 

Never forget the local communities to where we are based.

The environmental impact of the centre.

The impact that the centre will have on the area will be at best minimal. I aim to be as environmentally friendly as I possibly can even down to the point of blending the colour schemes of the centre to compliment the surrounding flora and woodlands.

There will be minimal noise pollution during the day and at night you will only hear voices going to cars as the centre will be sound proof due to the straw bale construction used.

The centre will be away from any built up areas as to not disturb any neighbours late at night when people leave the centre after a function.

The local wildlife will be encouraged and helped due to the educational aspects of the centre teaching people how to help and encourage wildlife to flourish.

Visitors to the centre will be encouraged to keep to the paths as much as possible when they go for a walk around the woods were there will be educational notices at points in the wood to teach and educate about keeping the habitat secure for the local wildlife.