The gift of sensory stimulation

The gift of sound and light

Vibro Sensory Stimulation Massage room.

This is basically a massage table connected to a sound system playing different frequencies to stimulate all parts of the body while the padded table massages all parts of your body.

It is like being immersed in waves of sound, 
It has an almost immediate effect .
Cares and pain melt away and are replaced by a sense of euphoria and well being. 

The multi sensory room.

A Sensory Room is a place where children and adults with special needs can explore and develop their senses and skills.
A multi-zone room to enhance the sensory experience.

The sensory zones will Support the development of communication

Enhance sensory skills, hand-eye co-ordination and cause and effect response

Assist the development of social and emotional skills

Reduce tension and increase relaxation

Provide fun and enjoyment
Improves levels of concentration, alertness, calmness & general awareness.

All these services should be offered  Free to health authorites and charities as well as to the general public.