The beautiful location

The crucial ingredient 

The location to the centre will need to be either within a wood or on the edge of a usable wooded area.
This is to tie up all of the elements in the concept.

Relaxing environment
Close to nature

As you walk through the  designed sensory gardens over or around the oriental ponds. 
You see this beautiful Straw bale building with a lovely wooded area behind it. 
On a nice day in the summer you will be able to smell the plants in the sensory gardens while you watch the oriental fish in the pond.

Woodland Education and activities

It is essential to be developing a bushcraft education service which will include how to look after this valuable resource and how to live within a woodland sustainably and without effect on the local environment.

Bushcraft and survival courses will also be developed for the younger visitors and the budding Bear Grylls of our community.