The Sanctuary


An idea for a public woodland centre of health, craft's and education funded entirely from public, private and corporate donations.

With all profits being given to good causes and charity.


To give every visitor a unique experience of sensory stimulation and relaxation in an educational, creative and beautiful environment.

To be able to hire out the centre for special occasions in the evenings.

 To offer woodland walks and courses dedicated to our wildlife and environment.


The project is aimed at providing a very special service aimed at well-being, woodland traditions and education. 

All profits being donated to local charities and good causes.

General information 

Using ecologically friendly straw bale construction techniques, sustainable energy and geothermal heating. the perfect scenario is to run off grid.

Health benefits  
Multi-sensory stimulation, relaxation and outdoor activities will be the most important service that we will offer. 
This service will be open to the general public as well as health authorities and special needs charities.
There are very few sensory rooms available to the general public anywhere in this country so this will in time prove to be a valuable resource giving a customised service to all different special needs.

Educational benefits 
Woodland ecology and the natural world around us will  provide the theme of in-house courses  
these courses will run all year round.

Designed to help everyone feel a little  better.

Peace, joy and the best of health to everyone. 

Steve Hill